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If you are running an online business it is important to be highly visible on various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Social media is a great way to expose your business to potential customers who might not of heard of you by any other way.

With that said, from time to time you will encounter unprofessional people who stalk, bully and troll these social media networks to just start trouble. These types of people have nothing better to do with their time and can make your life miserable if you respond to them. So what are you supposed to do?

Well, first off. Don’t respond to them! No matter how tempting it may be, IGNORE them…no matter what they are saying about you and your business. The more mature & professional person will IGNORE and WALK AWAY!

If they continue to bother you…read the social media network’s TOS (Terms of Service) policy and then report the user(s) who are bothering you. You will need to have some type of proof that they are stalking you, harassing you or trolling you…so make sure you take screen shots and save them for documentation. File a report!

If that doesn’t help the situation you can contact that user’s IP (internet provider) and report them if you know that information.

Finally, as a last resort for those who are threatened or in-fear of their lives or harm…call your local police department and file a report.

The majority of internet trolls are harmless and just troll & harass people to get their kicks. Normally, they will go away if you block them and ignore them. If however they don’t and things get out of control, contact the social media network for help in dealing with them. If you still don’t get results, call the police and file a report.

For the first-time ever, you can earn an extra income and have a ton of fun direct selling products for beloved four-legged babies!! That’s right! Direct selling has officially gone to the dogs.

I present to you…pawTree.


pet food your way biz

pawTree is a new social selling, pet products start-up that provides a better way to care for pets with customized nutrition and unique product offerings.

All pawTree products are completely customized and personalized for each customer’s dog. By signing up to be a petPro, you will guide pet parents to create a tailored nutrition plan that is formulated based on the dog’s breed, weight, activity level, allergies and a host of other factors, addressing and optimizing a myriad of nutritional needs. All food and supplements feature all natural ingredients of the highest quality.

pawTree is revolutionizing how pet parents learn about products and shop for their pets through in-home parties (called Pawloozas) and word of mouth (social selling). By relying exclusively on people who have used the products to sell the products, each customer gets the benefit of the knowledge and training provided to petPros.

“At pawTree the mission is to educate and empower pet parents to make a difference and change lives – pet’s lives and people’s lives,” said Roger Morgan, pawTree Founder & CEO, who left his previous role as head of a multi-national pet product manufacturer after a decade in the pet industry to pursue this journey. “Our pets love us unconditionally, and depend on us to make the right choices for their health and wellbeing, but when you’re standing in the store staring at aisles of pet foods, it’s difficult to make the right choice,” says Roger. “With our team of experts, from respected Veterinarians and PhD in Animal Science, we are confident that your pet will thrive.”

There’s no more guessing what food is right for your pet, simply complete the pet profile online and pawTree recommends a custom nutrition plan complete with the right food and supplements as well. The food is also personalized where you can name your pet’s food and even have your pet’s photo printed on the bag. And, it’s delivered right to your customer’s door (how convenient!).


pawTree Image 2

In addition to custom pet foods and supplements, pawTree offers an exclusive line of treats, health solutions, food bowls, pet collars, pet beds and toys. Every pawTree product is created with a passion for pets and a mission of helping pets thrive, not just survive.

pawTree provides multiple ways for pet parents to get involved at any level that’s comfortable for them. As a pawClub member, pet parents get exclusive discounts and reward points for purchase credits, plus the opportunity to get their pet’s food free when referring friends. Pet parents can also host a Pawlooza with their friends who have pets. Hosting makes for a fun environment where friends can learn about pet nutrition and shop. Hosts earn free purchase credits and a discount on products.

pawTree is currently seeking petPros who have a passion for pets to partner with our mission. petPros earn a profit with a purpose – the purpose of sharing unconditional love – by earning a percentage of profit on everything they sell along with ongoing bonuses. Plus, as petPros recruit others to join the team, petPros earn a percentage of their sales too. Click here to learn more, or sign up as a petPro.

pawTree is a better way. A better way to care for pets with quality products and nutrition, a better way to know you’re making the right decisions about your pet’s nutrition and a better way to share unconditional love with those you love – your pets and your friends – while earning an income to do more of the things you love.

Explore the pawsibilities to help pets live a better life through this unique business opportunity.

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