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Many of my blog readers still work outside the home and are looking to transition to a telecommute job or they want to retain part-time status out of the home while building a home-based business.

For those of you who are looking for a new job there is a new app out on the market to help simplify your job search called WOWHire! and here is some additional information about the app.

Getting Hired in One-Minute, Wow! New App Simplifies Job Search, Recruiting, and Hiring

WOWHire!, an innovative job search and hiring app from Founder and CEO, Samuel Boyer, and Co-Founder Phil Laboon, is literally turning heads.

WOWHire! is a new mobile platform that allows employers to swipe their way through one- minute video resumes, created and uploaded by job seekers and potential candidates.

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It?s quick and easy to get started. Candidates sign up, log in, and use their cell phone?s camera to create a 60-second video resume, allowing for a quick and effective connection with employers like never before.

Employers can browse through the database of video resumes, in their search for candidates to fill entry-level positions. The one-minute videos offer powerful insights into the personality, presentation and communication skills of the candidate. It?s quick and easy to swipe through dozens of candidates in just as many minutes.

Candidates can see how many companies have viewed their video resume and which companies liked them. Employers can use filters to quickly look through thousands of potential hires, narrowing down their search by education, industry experience, or academic institution. Once they find a potential candidate, they can quickly save them to their ?favorites? and then easily follow up with potential hires for further evaluation.

Unlike with traditional resumes, one-minute video resumes allow companies to make a more personal connection with potential hires, enabling them to better assess someone?s fit within the company?s culture before investing the time for a face-to-face interview.

The WOWHire! network is rapidly expanding with national as well as global companies in financial services, hospitality, and technology signing up.

The app can be downloaded for free at (Apple iOS or Android).

iTunes Gift Store and at the Google Play Store.

Give this new job search app a try and see if it helps you get better organized with your job searches & makes it easier.

** This is a guest post.

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Spring has finally arrived and Summer is on it’s way. Many people are already planning their Spring and Summer vacations and getting excited for the upcoming travel season.

When you work from home it is important that you plan ahead before taking off for your vacation. Unlike “outside” jobs, there are no replacement employees to get your work done for you while you are gone.

When planning ahead, you will want to do your work ahead of time and accomplish all of your business tasks before you leave. If you are going to be off for more than a couple of days, I highly suggest that you hire a temporary VA (Virtual Assistant), a Personal Assistant or a Freelancer to cover your work tasks while you are gone.

These types of assistants can do the following while you are off having some much needed family time and fun.

* Answer Emails
* Make Phone Calls
* Update Your Website
* Update Your Social Media Accounts
* Publish New Blog Posts
* Write & Publish Your Newsletter
* Work on Mailings
* Process Electronic Orders
* Set Up Appointments & Bookings
* Plus Many More Things!

When you work from home, you already know your business will NOT run itself for more than a few days and even then…taking off a couple of days can cost you money, customers and put you weeks behind on your business work.

It is important to plan ahead and consider the many options that are out there to help you enjoy your time off from work. You can find many people online who offer these types of services like the Two Classy Ghostwriting Chics.

Now that you made your plans, it’s time to enjoy your vacation. Bon voyage!

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