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Every month I get asked this question at least four times. “Do I need a Blog with My Direct Sales Business?” and I always answer it the same way.

Today, I am going to answer that question for all of you and I am sure my answer will surprise my readers.

In a nutshell…No you do NOT need a blog with your direct sales business!

While having a blog & publishing information on a consistent basis is beneficial when it comes to promoting your business, it is NOT a MUST-HAVE for success! Anyone who tells you differently, is not telling you the truth.

There are millions and millions of successful businesses online and offline that do not have blogs! Nope, not every business is blogging and not every business is on social media.

I do admit, blogging can be a great way to obtain new customers, party hosts, recruit leads, etc. but it will not make or break your business success. It can help get you there quicker and it can help make it easier, but your success isn’t dependent on it.

Hopefully, I have answered that question for you. I know others will differ with my opinion and that is perfectly okay with me. However, I always speak the truth to my readers and this is one such case on that!

Now…if you are interested in blogging, you can find an entire section here on my site about that. If you want to forgo blogging, check out my advertising & marketing sections for some great ideas on how to do that (without breaking the bank, I might add).

To your business success ~ Shelly

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Years ago I was one of those fools who spent a lot of money purchasing what I thought were genuine leads of people who would be interested in my direct sales business. After all, I was reading all over the web that this was the “in” thing to do. Boy, was I wrong and it was a mistake!

Today I wanted to share with all of my blog readers my personal experience in regards to purchasing “leads” and why I think you should avoid it.

* The leads I received were harvested from other sources and not from people who were interested in joining any type of party plan home business. Nine chances out of ten, they were stolen from various sources on the internet.

* The leads that were legitimately obtained were very old, sometimes 4 or 5 years old! They were NOT fresh leads at all and most of the information I received about these leads was outdated and no longer valid.

* These same leads were sold to hundreds of other people. Anyone who might of been interested was definitely turned off by hundreds, if not thousands of people contacting them. The majority of the time, these people were irate about being contacted in this manner. It was not fun being on the receiving end of that!

* These days there are very strict telemarketing and spam laws and if you contact anyone without their permission to pitch your business to them, you can be reported for it. This particularly applies to telephone calls and email.

In my personal and professional opinion, I think you should avoid purchasing leads for your business. You are much better off to generate YOUR OWN leads yourself which yields you much better & more successful results!

Well, that is my 2 cents on this topic!

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