I get a lot of emails here on my blog with most of them being from first-time direct sales consultants and newbie home business owners. Frankly, that is what my blog is all about…helping people get started working from home, particularly in direct selling.

I am always surprised at the questions that I am often asked and for the past few months I have been really stunned with this “trend” to charge home party hosts additional fees associated with their booked party. Frankly, I think it is JUST WRONG!


* Host Party Cancellation Fees
* Host Deposits on Product Catalogs
* Traveling Expenses & Parking Fees
* Surcharges on Guest Bounced Checks
* Plus Much More!

I am just stunned about this! Almost…wordless!!!

When you are in business there will be business expenses! It is your JOB to keep track of them and write them off on your taxes when appropriate. It is unprofessional to be “charging” all of these fees!!!

Yes…people get into a home party plan business to make money and you can certainly make a lot of money in this type of business. However, you should NOT be charging these types of fees and profiting or seeking reimbursement from your party hosts for this type of nonsense!

I don’t know where this trend got started but it is time for it to stop! If your recruiter/trainer/manager is telling you it is okay to do this…I am here to tell you it is NOT!

There are other ways you can go about cutting down those party cancellations without charging fees! There are ways you can get catalogs returned to you (although I think that is bad business) other than charging deposits on them. The other items listed above or just plain BUSINESS EXPENSES!

Well, that is my official 2 cents on that topic!


For the past 7 years I have been steadily building my blogs. Matter of fact, I own 7 blogs that are geared to a variety of different topics. I have Lifestyle Blogs, Foodie Blogs, Crafting Blogs, Chit-Chat Blogs, a Travel Blog and so forth.

One of the best tips that I can give to bloggers is that if you are a niche related blog, 90% of your blog posts need to be within that particular niche. What do I mean? Well, let me explain.

When I visit a foodie blog I want to see foodie related recipes, foodie reviews, kitchen products, cooking tips, etc.

When I visit a craft blog I want to see posts related to crafting, crochet, sewing, scrapbooking, painting, beading, etc.

When I visit a fashion blog I want to read all about fashion, accessories, current fashion trends and even a little beauty thrown in for good measure.

However, these days I see a slew of bloggers making a big mistake by calling themselves a “fashion blogger” but then including a slew of non-related posts. I was just on a “fashion blogger” blog that had pet food reviews, baby stroller reviews, parenting tips, how to diaper your little one and so forth. Hmmm, ummm, no! That doesn’t fly with me.

Then yesterday I was on a ┬áso-called “foodie blog” where that blogger is reviewing child car seats, body lotions, clothing and other non-sense. Geesh!

Dear bloggers, if you are going to lock yourself into a particular “niche” when it comes to blogging then the majority of your posts need to be related to that particular niche. By throwing in things that are not related you are actually driving readers away and looking pretty foolish.

Well, there you have it. My blogging tip for this month! Your thoughts?

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