woman workingWhen you first launch a direct sales business you are often told to go out there and talk to all of your family members and friends. While I agree with that to a point, I disagree with it too!

I want you to remember all of those times when someone in your circle of family and friends came at you to book a party from them. How did you feel? How did they approach you about it? Was it a one time thing or did they repeatedly harass you to book a party or give them an order?

Now that you are starting a home party plan business yourself, it is important to remember how you felt in the past when someone approached you or harassed you to book parties from them. I bet 9 times out of 10…you didn’t like it.

Frankly, it is okay to ask a handful of friends and/or family members to book a party from you to help you get started. However, it is NOT okay to harass them, guilt-trip them, blackmail them or any other type of nonsense.

When you harass your family & friends to book parties and to place orders with you…you are changing your relationship with them from “personal” to “business” and often times if it is not approached correctly, it can damage a personal relationship.

My advice…tread carefully and ONLY ask a few family/friends to book a party to help you get started. I wouldn’t make rounds and call everyone in your dang phone book.

Here are some great ideas on how you can get your business out there and drum up party bookings without harassing your friends & family.

* Advertise your new business in the newspaper, regional magazines, print out flyers & distribute them through your neighborhood and so forth.

* Get involved on online social media and make new contacts with “other” people! Don’t spam them, get to know them, talk about your business & those who are interested will come to you!

* Sign up for a vendor event, craft show, flea market, gift show, whatever. Almost every city/town in America has different events where you can rent a table and show off your products. This will give you business exposure and lead to party bookings & sales.

* Participate in some charity events, sponsor some pet rescue groups, sponsor a little league team and things of that nature to get yourself out in the community and meeting new people. New people = new people to book parties!

You can definitely have a successful home party plan business without irking off your friends & family but you need to go about it the RIGHT way.

Direct Sales Holiday Sales Tips
The Christmas holiday is quickly approaching and it is a great time of the year for Direct Sales consultants to book home parties and to push holiday product sales.

Millions of people are spending money and buying gifts for loved ones and you want them to spend some of that money shopping with you. One way you can attract those holiday shoppers is by offering some unique incentives for customers to buy from you.

Let’s take a look at some ideas.

1. Include a handwritten thank you card with your business card tucked inside it. Customers love to feel appreciated.

2. Include a blank holiday greeting card if you know your customer is buying the product to give as a gift. You can pick up boxes of holiday greeting cards for $1.00 at your local discount dollar-type of store to keep your costs down.

3. Purchase inexpensive solid color and/or printed gift bags at your local discount dollar store. Tuck the customer’s purchase into the gift bag along with a little bit of colorful tissue paper along with your card.

4. Inspect each customer’s order for quality control purposes. Fill out a little card & sign it…letting the customer know that you took the time to personally check on their purchase.

5. Get your home business info printed on some promotional items like pencils, pens, sticky note pads, refrigerator magnets, etc. Toss some of these promo items in the bag. Customers love getting freebies!

6. Give customers a discount coupon that they can use on another purchase in the future. This encourages repeat business and customers love to save money.

7. Offer multiple ways for customers to place their orders with YOU! Let them place orders via email, text messages, in-person, private messages via social media, through your consultant web site, by phone, etc. Make it easy and convenient!

8. Give customers quick shipping & delivery options! If need be, offer to hand-deliver their purchase to them if they are local to you. Furthermore, offer them a discount on shipping or free shipping if they spend XYZ amount on product purchases.

9. Offer bonus buys! These can include BOGO (buy one get one) deals, freebies with purchase and so forth.

10. Keep plenty of cash and carry products on hand for customers who need last minute gifts. These types of products are usually inexpensive, so keep them on-hand.

11. Start your holiday advertising and marketing plan EARLY! Most companies start in September and then ramp it out as the holiday approaches. Get your business name and products out there early and increase your efforts as the weeks go on. Be highly visible & tailor all of your marketing efforts towards the holidays.

The holiday season is a great time to bump up your party bookings and product sales in your direct sales and network marketing home business. Draft up a plan and implement it early in the season for marketing success.

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